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10-05-2019: Waycovers and solid toolpost on the Emco Super 11
I did a writeup on the two most important modifications that I did to the Emco (apart from the DRO): The waycovers and the solid tool post. This allows for very heavy cuts (2mm DOC while hardturning HSS toolsteel with a CBN insert.) but also for very fast and repeatable work in combination with the DRO.
More here: Emco Maximat Super 11 - Waycover and solid tool post

05-05-2019: Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 20 – Hot Shot (360)!, John Saunders (SMW) Shoptour
New episode of the HSM Podcast, We had Stan Zinkosky from Bar Z Industrial as a guest, talking music, heating treating ovens, and the first day of summer!
Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 20 – Hot Shot (360)!

John Saunders (Saunders Machine Works / NYCNC) visited me in my shop during his Europe trip and filmed an extensive tour of my shop. Be sure to check the video out on his Youtube Channel - It is a unique view of my shop, that you normaly don't get to see.:
More here: Home Shop Machinist Tour: Stefan Gotteswinter!

20-03-2019: Emco Maximat Super 11
My old import lathe that I had for slightly over 10 years got sold off and I replaced it with an Emco Maximat Super 11.
More here: Emco Maximat Super 11


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